Ohio takes DUI/OVI (operating a vehicle impaired) charges very seriously. If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI in Columbus, starting a defense right away can mean the difference between jail time or your freedom. A free consultation with an expert Columbus, Ohio lawyer is a great start.

Owen Kalis is a Columbus criminal defense lawyer of choice and fights to keep his clients out of jail.

How Owen Kalis Fights for You

Many mistakes can be made by law enforcement when arresting someone for a DUI/OVI. Owen starts with making sure your rights are respected, especially your right to silence. It is then crucial to get you released from custody and start analyzing the case.

Owen Kalis will look at all aspects of your case, including the behavior of the police and their evidence, to find any flaws. Additionally, the case made by the prosecutor can often have errors that work in your favor when negotiating. Everything is reviewed by Owen to find mistakes in the case.