An arrest for a weapons charge can have penalties that are severe. There is hope though. A prosecutor must be able to convict you for a criminal offense and an experienced lawyer can make the prosecutor’s job much more difficult to perform.

Owen Kalis fights for the rights of his clients that have been charged with a firearm crime. Those that have been charged with a weapons crime in Columbus, turn to Owen Kalis for experienced representation. As the Columbus attorney of choice, Owen Kalis will:

Provide Expert Legal Advice

Every legal case involves making critical decisions in order to create the best outcome. Hiring a Columbus firearm crimes attorney ensures that you receive proper direction. Available to his clients 24 hours a day, Owen Kalis is by the side of his clients through these tough choices to ensure the right decision is always made.

Ensure Your Rights are Protected

You have rights that must be respected in both the acts of investigation and prosecution. Those that perform these duties in Ohio need to respect your rights.

Your Fourth Amendment right to avoid illegal search and seizure and your Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination must not be infringed. Owen Kalis finds rights violations and prevents any further violations of your rights.

Negotiate in Your Favor

Avoiding a trial is usually in the best interest of all parties. Often a prosecutor doesn’t want to take a case all the way to trial and is open to negotiation of a plea bargain. An attorney that has worked with prosecutors across Columbus, Owen Kalis always works to negotiate terms that are favorable to his clients. He knows what to take to the table in order to return to you with the best results.