As a Columbus criminal lawyer of choice, Owen Kalis treats his clients with the greatest respect and concern, which translates into the best results for those charged with drug crimes. Mistakes happen and the goal is always to get clients back to their normal lives as quickly as possible.

In Ohio, prosecutors and judges treat drug crimes as very serious. Even a simple possession charge can carry prison time. The very first action of anyone charged with a drug crime is to get a clear view of the case and then plan a defense with an accomplished attorney. Owen Kalis expertly weighs the charges and considers the evidence in order to establish a professional analysis that sets the stage for the best strategy.

Owen Kalis fights for his clients charged with drug crimes.

How Owen Kalis Fights for You

For those currently in jail, the first steps are always to ensure your right to silence and get you out of there. A prosecutor will always pursue unnecessarily high bail for drug charges. Owen pushes back hard for reasonable bail or release on your own recognizance.

He meets with you as soon as possible to hear your story, establish any violation of your rights by the police or consider insufficient evidence. Every hole in the evidence or mistake made by the police will be found.

Prosecutors often have flaws in their charges. A close examination of the prosecutor’s case is the essential next step in negotiating for reduced charges or having the case dismissed altogether.