Slips and falls happen all of the time in Columbus. We’re human and only have two legs. Sometimes one can go in the wrong direction by no fault of our own on someone else’s premises. Premises liability means that owners of properties can be liable for injuries sustained on their land.

A slip or fall can have serious consequences that result in medical bills, inability to work, and mental anguish. After a slip or fall, it is essential to contact the Columbus lawyer of choice, Owen Kalis, to assess the situation and seek compensation to cover the costs of your injuries and mental suffering.

Slips and Falls are Dangerous

Slips and falls are the most common cause of serious injury in the United States. For seniors, they can be especially perilous, causing broken bones, head injuries, torn ligaments, and disc ruptures, to name a few injuries. Hospitalization often results due to slips and falls.

Over 3 million seniors require an emergency room visit every year for a slip or fall. Almost the same number of children need emergency room treatment and well.

A slip or fall can happen anywhere. Life is filled with hazards, but someone else’s negligence was avoidable, and they can be liable. Caring and competent legal representation, like that offered by Owen Kalis, is essential to make sure the cause of the accident is investigated and you receive proper care.