Auto Accidents

An auto accident is an unexpected event that can have a lasting impact on our lives, either physically or emotionally. Significant trauma can be the result of another’s negligence. Columbus drivers that auto accidents have impacted turn to Owen Kalis as their personal injury lawyer of choice for caring representation from a Columbus attorney that fights for them.

Ohio State Highway Patrol statistics show Franklin County leading the state in fatal crashes among all motor vehicle categories except motorcycles. In 2020, OSHP investigated 55,308 motor vehicle accidents in Ohio, which only includes accidents in which OSHP was involved. The Columbus Police Department reported for 2021 that, on average, 21 people were injured in a car accident per day in Columbus.

In a webinar, Rob Ritter, director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Impaired Driving, stated that risky behaviors on the road are increasing everywhere. The pandemic had the unintended consequence of creating a crisis on the nation’s roads. Drivers are more reckless than ever before, and crash statistics confirm it.

If you are involved in a car accident and have been injured to any degree, calling Owen Kalis will help you gather the correct information at the scene.

What to Do After a Car Accident

It’s the unimaginable. One moment you are on a drive listening to music, and a split second later, your car might be irreparably damaged and you injured. Before anything else, it might take a little bit to think clearly after the shock of the accident. Once you regain your faculties, survey the situation. Check the well-being of others with you and assess any safety concerns. The health and well-being of you and your passengers are paramount.

If possible, the most important thing you can do next is document the extent of the damage, the surroundings, and any injuries incurred. Your cell phone camera or cell phone video is the best tool available. If you have noticed witnesses to the accident, ask them for their contact information and if they’d be willing to make a statement.

The police will attempt to establish the facts of the accident, and information about the drivers’ insurance carriers is exchanged. Your auto insurer can make immediate arrangements for a tow truck and rental car, but care for injuries comes first. If someone has sustained significant injuries, EMTs have probably arrived with law enforcement.

Never sign anything from the negligent driver’s insurance company.

Next Call Owen

Once emergency concerns have been addressed, a call to an expert personal injury lawyer is essential. Owen will review the case with you and discuss the process moving forward. Insurance companies’ primary purpose is to not pay on claims and be profitable for investors. A seasoned expert like Owen Kalis will immediately start working with the negligent driver’s insurance company. He establishes that you have the professional representation they can’t circumvent and ensures needs are met right now. If medical care, transportation, or other requirements have come about due to the accident, those are part of your claim.

As a lawyer experienced with accident claims, Owen brings his experience to bear in getting you the resources and professional help needed to get back on your feet. A car accident can turn a life upside down, and an attorney with extensive experience has an established network of resources and providers that can help with your recovery.